Peppers & Eggs (& other plants)

At Jackson 'Maters I specialize in heritage tomatoes, but also offer a small supply of other veggies. I've listed most of the available plants here, but there are always a few surprises.

We also have Eggs from free range chickens. The girls are happy; they eat bugs and weeds straight from mother nature, as well as greens and other produce from my garden. 


Holy Basil




Cucumber - Tendergreen (Heirloom Burpless), National Pickling, Straight 8, Armenian(Squash that tastes like a Crunchy Cucumber)

Eggplant - Applegreen, Rosa Bianca, Japanese, Iceberg

Ground Cherry - plants are looking great for 2018, ready by the end of May, maybe earlier

Peanut Plants

Peppers -
- Hot Banana and Sweet Banana, King of the North, Cubanelle, Pimento, Jalapeno, Big Dipper

Perenial Flowers: Purple Penstimon, Canterbury Bells
Red Raspberry - Heritage

Gold Raspberry

Spaghetti Squash

Sweet Potatoes - I will have a small # of plants available at the end of May

Swiss Chard



My neice made this sign!