2018 Plant Sale Info

The 2018 Plant Sale is now closed.  if you need plants please text or email me. 992.9924

2018 new varieties:

Cherokee Tiger Black - dwarf with pale leaves and golf ball sized fruit that is dark red with green stripes, 1.5 ft tall and does well in pots.

Danko - Red Oxheart from Russia. great taste and production.  short plants reach about 2-3 feet tall. 

In Addition to Tomatoes, Eggplant, and Peppers, I will also have other miscellaneous Plants including: Cucumbers, Melons, Tomatillos, Chives, Peanuts, Basil, Zucchini, Sweet Potatoes, Spaghetti Squash, Acorn Squash, Dill, Cilantro, etc.

Hours: Closed

 North Jackson, Ohio 44451

Price for Tomatoes: $5/pack of 3 plants.

We are at the old Girl Scout Camp Millwood -one block east of Rt. 45 between Kirk and Palmyra.  Plants are only sold locally (no shipping)
GPS does not always take you to the right driveway, but should get you within 100 feet, look for the sign.

When the Plant Sale opens, signs will be up on Rt 45, Kirk rd, and Palmyra 

If you don’t see us when you arrive, PLEASE HONK FOR SERVICE!

Heirloom Tomatoes
     If you are looking for the full flavored tomatoes Gran used to grow, Heirlooms are the answer! Heritage tomatoes are incredibly flavorful and come in a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes. I am growing more than 40 varieties of heirloom tomatoes for the plant sale this year.  In addition to big red slicers, oxhearts, paste tomatoes, and sweet orange/yellow tomatoes, I offer many rare and unusual varieties that you can't find anywhere else.

Its not easy to choose which varieties to offer,  I have grown out nearly 500 varieties of tomatoes over the years. I only select tomatoes that have done well in several seasons of varied weather.  I choose the varieties for the sale based on Flavor, Hardiness and Production; Only the toughest, and most delicious varieties make the cut!

My plants are raised in cold frames, never knowing the pampered life inside a greenhouse.  They've known the hard knock life from day one and are fully hardened off and ready to be planted in the ground when you buy them!  My Plants are all Non-GMO, and always raised without herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizer.  I feed them with sea kelp and that's all folks.

The plants have been inoculated with natural mycorhize, which are symbiotic fungi that live with the roots and help plants uptake nutrients from the soil and fight disease.

I am growing a small number of many additional varieties of rare heirloom tomatoes and may have a few extra seedlings of each. If you are looking for a variety not on the list, be sure to ask.

Farmers Markets 2018:
-will update soon!  

Please see this post for market info.

For questions, directions or other information, please feel free to Email Me or Visit us on Facebook.

It is impossible to choose a favorite tomato, but I can never have enough Oxhearts.  Check out my heart list.